Linda Asano (b. Newark, NJ) is a ceramic sculptor based in Morrison, Colorado. She graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Criminal Justice and a minor in Fine Arts and then went on to attain her Juris Doctorate from Albany Law School.

Linda seeks to captivate and transport her audience, inviting them into a realm where the ordinary dissolves into a whimsical fever dream. Her intention is to offer an escape from the mundane, only to plunge viewers into a delightful frenzy of unexpected wonders, surpassing their initial expectations. Drawing deeply from her experiences as a second-generation immigrant and an only child, Linda finds solace in her boundless imagination, weaving narratives of healing, grief and identity through her cast of imaginary characters. Influenced by carnival aesthetics, Coptic and Ancient Egyptian ritual objects, pop culture and Peruvian retablos, Linda's visual language is a rich tapestry of cultural references.While rooted in traditional hand-building techniques, her process in imbued with a spirit of improvisation, allowing room for spontaneity and discovery, both for herself and her audience, as her works unveil unexpected secrets along the way. 
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